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Esta Hsu’s quest for perfect beauty started in her university days when she usually found herself picking up subtle imperfections and rooms for improvement on her friend’s faces during their minor and major events. She always thought her friends deserved more. Since then she has helped her friends achieve
their birth right- a true beauty.

This quest for perfect beauty serves as a fuel for her already growing passion to be a professional bridal hair and make-up artist. Coupled that with the supports from her friends and their acknowledgement for her eyes for details, ultimately their confidence in her Esta Hsu decided to embark on a journey as a professional bridal hair and make-up artist based in Singapore.

Keep with the latest trends:

I am always catching up with new things that are trendy and cool in the make-up and beauty industry, and by doing so I often come up with ideas for unique yet stunning looks many clients nowadays so crave.

Use one of the best cosmetic products:

I have one of the finest make-up and cosmetics selection for you and with that I have access to more accurate colors for your skin tone. Your favorite "Natural Look" is thus very achievable

Offer what you really what:

Everyone is unique and has her own taste for beauty I always try to get to know more about my clients knowing that understanding their personalities and preferences helps me come up with the styles that are better tailored to their needs. Granted: " What you see in the mirror is what you want".

Perfect beauty is achieved both when there is nothing more to add
and when there is nothing left to take away.

You are a beauty, I help you look divine.

You are a star, I help you shine.


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