6D-EYEBROWS EMBROIDERY - Painless/ minimum pain procedure

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetology and is an art which is filling semi-permanent ink on the client’s skin. We can draw not only hairlike realistic eyebrows and but also the shape is calculated by golden ratio according to your face and features.

Hence Artemis’s Microblading is a manual and semi-permanent, you can simply consult with our Artist to adjust/alter or reproduce another look according to eyebrows shape trends.

Although brows cosmetics are cheap, it is worth to do Microblading. Because you do not necessarily spend 10-15 mins to fix your eyebrows every morning. Time is money :)

Easy for daily! Full Micro-bladed brows, after the procedure is done, are totally healed, you can treat your micro-bladed eyebrows naturally like washing, sweating, swimming, rubbing and lastly waking up with them.


• Haemophilia     
• Severe Diabetes     
• Keloids     
• Hepatitis A, B, C, D, E, F     
• HIV     
• Infectious diseases/high fever     
• Severe Heart problem

Last but not least, we only use disposable ultra fine needles, sterile tools, and of course pigments are the highest standard. 

Esta Hsu Hair & Makeup. 2019